Take one

June 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Keeping a diary has never been one of my talents. I walk around, go about my day-to-day business, and often find myself thinking in stories. I contemplate the clouds, wonder – almost without thinking about it – how that young man sitting outside Tesco with a paper cup and a blanket, not more than 30, surely, found himself homeless. I fill the blanks with a tale, constructed of past newspaper articles, television drama and, let’s face it, my own subconscious prejudices. I tell myself I will write everything down when I get home (of course I never have a notebook/ the inclination to stop in the street to write down my random contemplations!). But by then, inevitably, the story has lost its sparkle, it’s just more words without real meaning. So it never gets written down. This is what happens when my life is following a routine, when I take the same train every day, walk the same streets, sit in the same office at the same desk.

More annoyingly, when things get more exciting and new, I never have time to write them down – I’m far too busy enjoying them. Fortunately I’m a bit better at taking photos!

Perhaps blogging will encourage me to start writing things down.


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